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We offer a basic investor hard money loan. This loan is for commercial purposes only (NO OWNER OCCUPIED funding!) to be used in the acquisition of investment property. The loan is usually determined by the purchase price and After Repair Value (ARV). Generally, the loan amount will be 50% of the ARV or your purchase price....WHICHEVER IS LESS. The borrower will pay 2.5 points, plus $500 (in addition to the usual closing costs of doc stamps, intangible tax, title insurance, hazard insurance, etc) at closing. The interest rate is 13% interest only and there is never a pre-payment penalty. The balloon amount due date is typically 1 year, although the average investor loan is usually paid off within 4-6 months. You will use your own funds for any necessary repairs or rehab of the property.


Providing funding solutions for real estates investors in the Central Florida area.